ashley+bill // illinois

ashley and bill couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect day for their elopement. from the insanely gorgeous weather to how incredibly ashley's jumpsuit fit her. it was beautiful and love-filled and full of laughs and surprises! oh, and it was quick! (helloooo 3 minute ceremony...) 


cleo+david// barrington, illinois

cleo and dave are virtually everything i could have wanted in a bride and groom (and also, best friends....and drinking buddies...and dancing partners!) SO fun, SO laid-back, SO in love. even when cleo had to be sewn into her dress, she was all "let's do this!" gah! i want to hang out with them every weekend.

their daughter was perfect, the dance floor was jumping, and they made getting married in a bowling alley a classy affair. if their wedding day is any indication, i imagine their marriage is going to be a fun one!


(fellow photographer, Alec Thorsen, shot alongside me too!)


heidi+mike// the big fake wedding, chicago, illinois

a few months ago, the big fake wedding reached out to me to be one of their vendors at this years chicago event. i, of course, thought it was spam...they found me on instagram...and with my itty bitty following, it didn't understand how the went about contacting little ol' me. long story short- it's real. and SO MUCH FUN. i love weddings so freakin much- even for complete strangers. even if they're fake. and even if i'm working the whole time.

heidi and mike, an already married couple, were nominated by a few different friends to renew their vows with the big fake wedding. and i can understand why! they're so sweet and goofy. and so in love and deserving of an anniversary celebration. below is just a peek into their beautiful day.

this collaboration was a labor of love. i've tagged all the involved vendors below! our event was also featured on Ruffled blog and The Big Fake Wedding blog -check out their highlights too! 

Wedding Vendors  Photography:  Verdant Photographer ,  Amber Renee Design , and  Tiffany Aufmann Photography  Floral and Event Design – Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 1, 2, 3:  Lil Epic Design  Floral and Event Design – Bouquets and Boutonnieres, Tables 4, 5, 6:  Elena’s Garden Floral Design and Event Planning  Floral and Event Design – Tables 7, 8, 9:  Elements Preserved Rentals and Venue  Venue:  Builders BLDG Event Venue  Wedding Dress:  Winnie Couture  Jewelry:  Grace + Heart  Hair:  Grace Studio  Makeup:  Manifest Makeup  Bridesmaid Dresses:  Brideside  Beauty:  Lipsense with Leslee Ashley and Alishia  Men’s Attire:  Blank Label  Men’s Accessories:  Hueys  Catering:  Prime and Provisions  Wedding Cake and Jar Desserts:  The Sugar Path  Alcohol:  SOCIAL Sparkling Wine  Ceremony Music:  Audrey Austin Music  Band:  BlueWater Kings Band  Event Lighting:  AV Chicago, Inc.  Vintage Rentals:  Elements Preserved Rentals and Venue  Linens:  BBJ Linen  Wedding Vow Art:  The Standard Canvas  Photo App:  Share Your Photos  Dance Lessons:  Windy City Wedding Dance  Party Goods:  Paris312  Favors:  Flash Magnets  Wedding Invitations:  OrangeBeautiful  Videography:  Old North Film Company  Transportation:  Limotainment  Travel:  That Travel Lady  Hotel:  W Hotel  Switzerland Travel:  Derungs Quinter Immobilien   Thank you to  The Big Fake Wedding  for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting our sponsors!

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Verdant PhotographerAmber Renee Design, and Tiffany Aufmann Photography
Floral and Event Design – Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 1, 2, 3: Lil Epic Design
Floral and Event Design – Bouquets and Boutonnieres, Tables 4, 5, 6: Elena’s Garden Floral Design and Event Planning
Floral and Event Design – Tables 7, 8, 9: Elements Preserved Rentals and Venue
Venue: Builders BLDG Event Venue
Wedding Dress: Winnie Couture
Jewelry: Grace + Heart
Hair: Grace Studio
Makeup: Manifest Makeup
Bridesmaid Dresses: Brideside
Beauty: Lipsense with Leslee Ashley and Alishia
Men’s Attire: Blank Label
Men’s Accessories: Hueys
Catering: Prime and Provisions
Wedding Cake and Jar Desserts: The Sugar Path
Alcohol: SOCIAL Sparkling Wine
Ceremony Music: Audrey Austin Music
Band: BlueWater Kings Band
Event Lighting: AV Chicago, Inc.
Vintage Rentals: Elements Preserved Rentals and Venue
Linens: BBJ Linen
Wedding Vow Art: The Standard Canvas
Photo App: Share Your Photos
Dance Lessons: Windy City Wedding Dance
Party Goods: Paris312
Favors: Flash Magnets
Wedding Invitations: OrangeBeautiful
Videography: Old North Film Company
Transportation: Limotainment
Travel: That Travel Lady
Hotel: W Hotel
Switzerland Travel: Derungs Quinter Immobilien

Thank you to The Big Fake Wedding for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting our sponsors!

peggy+bryan// grayslake, illinois

oh. my. gosh. peggy and bryan's wedding day was the definition of a family affair!

as this was a second marriage for both of them, they had their children stand up as their bridal party. peggy's godson officiated the ceremony and her brother-in-law built the chuppah they were married under. her daughter and neighbor hand lettered the aisle runner with the lyrics to 'bless the broken road' by rascal flats. all three of their daughters gave moving speeches about the love between peggy and bryan. 

the personal touches sprinkled throughout their day were so thoughtful. this event was as much a celebration of them as a couple as it was a coming together of two families.

and of course, there was the dancing! SO much dancing. a McG family wedding is nothing if not a PARTY! 


laura+steve // chicago, illinois

i had been looking forward to this wedding for SO freakin long.

laura+steve eloped in croatia a few weeks before their wedding celebration at zed451 in chicago because they're just so much cooler than the rest of us! (i mayyyy have tried to convince laura that they needed to bring me with them...) 

this day was incredible because it wasn't just about laura+steve. it was a celebration of their love- but also a celebration of their support system and everyone who's been by their side through the years. the love was palatable and all i could hope is that their images would do their beautiful day justice. i wish nothing but blue skies for these these two babes! 


deanna + derek // naperville, il

aren't these two, like, SMOKIN' hot!? and also, sweet as pie. it's enough to make you hate them. except you can't...because they're the freakin BEST. that baby, those faces, and all the smooches! i'm just obsessed. 

they wed on the most perfect spring afternoon, in the high sun, surrounded by their loved ones and so so many lovely flowers. i hope their life together will be as bright and beautiful as their wedding day XO