Photo by my pal,  Erin Lane  .

Photo by my pal, Erin Lane .

hi! i'm tiffany! 
photographer of love+beauty+fun. city dweller. world explorer. adventure seeker. in love with two of the best dudes; one who can't be tamed and one who keeps me tame. hoarder of yarn+sprinkles+coffee mugs. blanket maker. cookie baker. rump shaker. beer drinker. black thumb. book worm. former groupie+wild child. wannabe ravensclaw, actually slytherin. 
doughnuts. harry potter. coffee. DIY. leopard as a neutral. sneakers. lovers in love. jack black. snacks. crime shows+podcasts. live music. good manners. amy poehler. themed parties. girl power. 
maple syrup. playing games. wastefulness. chewing noises. folding clothes. giving speeches. mountain dew. one uppers. anytime before 10am. uninspired weddings, bored grooms, traditional ceremonies.